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Friday, March 15, 2013

Borai - M.U. Podcast 55 # (March 2013)

Borai presents 
"Quiet Please..."

(Music House, Koka Media, Arcadia Music, Atmosphere & others) 
Picture Credits: Elena Goodrum. 
Bristol based producer Borai (a.k.a. Boris English) takes the lead of the M.U. Podcast 55#. Known for his collaborative releases with DJ October on labels such as Apple Pips, Simple Records, BRSTL and Never Learnt, is now unveiling his first solo work – “Moonlight On The Malago” via Tasteful Nudes – a brand new label from Chicago, IL. 

About 7 or 8 years ago I was given a large collection of old Music Library CD's that the kids at a Youth Project didn't want. I have spend the last few years dipping in and out of the collation and this mix/compilation is the result.
I love the synth work during this time and the heavy use of samples/synth strings, as it was mostly just one person and their equipment making the most of what they had. Tracks such as "Perfect Leadership" take you right into the world of 80's corporate video and are still inspiring to this day. You will also find current dance trends making their way into library material of the day, examples here being "Delilah Nerr" and "Net Explorer" I have also included tracks that just inspire me and are mostly about the synth work (Cyclus & Team)
I have no real info on the Artists, but I know it does include people such as Alan Hawkshaw (Dangerman, Peacemaker and Blue Riband) and Simon Di (Net Explorer) but I do not know the complete list so i have left it blank and used just the track names as they appear on the CD's.
I hope you enjoy discovering these amazing pieces of music as much as I did. Borai 


01. Unknown - Who Dares Wins
02. Unknown - Expansion
03. Unknown - Blue Riband
04. Unknown - Complex
05. Unknown - Peacemaker
06. Unknown - Stubborn Efforts
07. Unknown - Perfect Leadership
08. Unknown - Dangerman
09. Unknown - Talking Mind
10. Unknown - After The Fight
11. Unknown - Perifidious Strategy
12. Unknown - Hot Tip
13. Unknown - D-ram Memory
14. Unknown - Delilah Narr
15. Unknown - Space-Shuttle
16. Unknown - Cyclus
17. Unknown - Bees
18. Unknown - Speed Limit
19. Unknown - Team
20. Unknown - Radian
21. Unknown - Biomag
22. Unknown - Muting Circuitring Narr
23. Unknown - Net Explorer
24. Unknown - Assonance
25. Unknown - Who Dares Wins Sting
Download M.U. Podcast 55#

Borai - M.U. Podcast 55 # (March 2013) by Mundo Urbano on Mixcloud

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