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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Demdike Stare - The Weight of Culture

Demdike Stare - The Weight of Culture (Demdike Stare) It's been over a year since we last heard any new material from Demdike Stare, and there are rumbles of renewed studio activity somewhere in the not-too-distant horizon. In the meantime, Demdike finally present theIr third mix, and their first released on tape. Shifting 'The Weight Of Culture' to a ferric format feels apt for their anachronistic tendencies, shrouding the crackle of expensive and often battered wax with the hum of their machines to suitably gauzy effect. As expected, they've dug ever deeper into the nooks of their archive, pairing obscure NDW diamonds with looped electronics and inverted jazz modes, traversing dimensions between kosmic flutes and terrestrial doom via illusive segues and masterful misdirection. You'll find obscure S&M odes penned by the most unlikely characters rubbing anonymous shoulders in the darkness with sublime Detroit rarities and blood-curdling noise themes, taking in private members body music, 'luud rock and practically every kink in between.... in boomkat

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