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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Freedom Of Creation created a shoe that will dominate Onitsuka Tiger's international brand campaign in 2008. Freedom Of Creation (FOC) designers Janne Kyttanen and Mads Thomsen have conceived the meter-long shoe for ad agency StrawberryFrog. It will be part of the Electric Tiger Land campaign that the Amsterdam-based agency created for Onitsuka Tiger. Dubbed Electric Light Shoe, the object is manufactured using rapid prototyping techniques, for which FOC developed a partnership with Fcubic (Sweden) and CTES (Spain). The shoe contains an entire city, including intersecting streets, luminous store banners and various buildings. One part of the shoe magically transforms into a landing strip for jets, while the typical Onitsuka Tiger side bands become highways.Electric Tiger Land will make use of a variety of communication tools, among which miniatures of Electric Light Shoe used for luminous USB memory keys and for metal key rings. Other promotional initiatives include totem-like tower displays, shoe displays and scaled shoe models (40 cm and 70 cm) that recall the aesthetics of the campaign to be found in Onitsuka Tiger stores world-wide.View a video of the making of the shoe here. in frame magazine

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