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Sunday, January 27, 2008

NUBLU ORCHESTRA - Sketches Of NYC - Underground Resistance Remixes

NUBLU ORCHESTRA conducted by BUTCH MORRIS - Sketches Of NYC - Underground Resistance Remixes (Nublu France) Comentários: Cradled deep in the heart of Loisaida at Avenue C, New York, with nothing more than a tiny one hundred watt blue light bulb to let you know you have arrived, is Nublu, a club that opened its doors some two years ago. A performance space owned and operated by tenor saxophonist and composer Ilhan Ersahin.The Nublu Sound is what made the necessity for Nublu Records clear. Whereas many labels develop out of a few people’s desire to go out and search for music, Nublu Records came about because of the need for a vehicle to spread the music coming from inside the club.The Nublu Orchestra is assembled by the musicians that call Nublu their home: band-members of Brazilian Girls, Wax Poetic, Kudu, Forro in the Dark, and Love Trio and regular Nublu guests Graham Haynes and Eddie Henderson all sit under the baton of Butch Morris. The tracks from the recently released full-length beg for remixes, and the Underground Resistance militiamen take up the task for ‘Sketches of NYC’. The I-80 Mix is a big-room thumper, using a scatted vocal line and dissonant horn-hits from the original, to add drama to the build of an acid bassline and some tastefully tribal drums. The Seventh Tunnel mix falls squarely in the tech jazz genre that was essentially invented by the Detroit collective. The original elements are used generously, with what seems like a grace note on the upright being turned into a looped bassline, over which the lead vocals and saxophone ping back and forth.This is a must have! in electronicpm [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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