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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New build, Embaixada Arquitectura

Despite its biscuit-dry title, this is a sparkling refurbishment of a former factory. After Embaixada Arquitectura were commissioned to create a new exhibition space in the Portuguese city of Tomar, the Lisbon-based practice took the existing building back to a shell, then infilled it with a series of angular constructions. The EMIO is a combination of public arts centre, lecture space and apartment for an artist-in-residence, with a few administrative offices tucked off to one side. These new functions are raised up off the ground floor, forming a miniature cityscape of roofs, pathways and public squares, enhanced by the dark, rich surface textures that stand out starkly against the whitewashed walls of the original structure. Click here to see the new interior. in wallpaper

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