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Monday, January 07, 2008

BRUNO PRONSATO - Why Can't We Be Like Us [2008]

Bruno Pronsato's new album 'Why Can't We Be Like Us' promises to bring drums, drums and an honest-to-god story arc to the techno album format.Once a drummer, always a drummer, it seems. With singles on minimal labels such as Perlon, Orac and Hello? Repeat, it comes as a shock to find out that Pronsato spent a good portion of his early adulthood playing drums in punk and metal bands. But as his new album Why Can’t We Be Like Us proves, put a computer in front of a drummer and what you get is, well, more drums.Billed as a true longplayer and not just a collection of dance tracks, Why Can't... promises percussion, grooves and, er, lots of things being hit in between darkly organic melodies and a home listening-friendly concept: “I grew up listening to Roxy Music and My Bloody Valentine and even Led Zeppelin,” Bruno told RA recently. “These bands orchestrated the idea in my mind of what an album is - the beginning, the story and sort of the electricity of it.” Check out our interview with Bruno for the full lowdown. in residentadvisor [Download]

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Blogger Hug The DJ said...

já cá canta! tx ;)

Tuesday, 08 January, 2008  
Anonymous electriklife said...

não sei se já sakaste, mas a mixtape do rui maia tá algo assim muito especial ;)

Tuesday, 08 January, 2008  
Anonymous electriklife said...

e ah é verdade dá um saltinho na estética invasiva, conteudo net label do melhor.

Tuesday, 08 January, 2008  
Blogger Hug The DJ said...

já não te chega uma ficha tripla Mr. Electrik! Excelente! :)

e a mixtape está bem boa, sim senhor!


Wednesday, 09 January, 2008  

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