Zongamin - AZZAZZA [New!]

Anything Klaxons can do, Japanese punk/funk/electro producer Zongamin can do better, it seems. Referencing Aldous Huxley and JG Ballard is so 2007 y'know; the new, or should that be old, literary theorist to not-so-casually allude to in 2008 is Robert Anton Wilson, to whom Zongamin's new video, for forthcoming tune 'Azzazza', is dedicated. Wilson, an American novelist, philosopher, psychologist and one-time editor of Playboy, is best-known for his cult classic The Illuminatus! Trilogy, which mixes imaginative fiction and true information to engage the reader in what Wilson called 'Operation Mindfuck' (no, really, we're not making this up). Like many of his fellow '60s believers, Wilson's books contained practical techniques intended to help one break free of one's "reality tunnels" - as to whether Zongamin's kitsch psychedelic homage does likewise is debatable, but at least it's engaging with a wider cultural sphere than the Kaiser Chiefs or Razorlight ever do, and for that alone we should be grateful. Press 'play', and make up your own mind... in fact magazine


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