HARMONIC 313 - EP 1 (Warp) Comentários: Mark Pritchard is clearly a busy guy, with fingers in so many stylistic pies and projects its hard to keep up with him. A quick look over at discogs brings up 21 working aliases, among them the legendary Global Communication, Link and Reload, alongside more recent collaborative work with Steve Spacek (dubstep) and the lovely library music stylistics of Harmonic 33, a project linked to but not to be confused with Harmonic 313, his curent moniker of choice and latest project to be handled and released by his friends at warp. Lo-slung blunted Detroit-style instrumental Hip Hop is the order of the day here, and Pritchard once again displays his productive dexterity with 5 cuts that Dabrye, Flying Lotus or indeed Dilla would have been proud of. Speak and Spell provides the opening to the multi-faceted "Solve It", with "Problem 1" delivering a squelchy 8-bit accompaniment to fresh, incredibly loose beats. The low-end registers dominate proceedings, but not without an airy percussive vibe that keeps things in perfect balance. In short - SICK stuff. Across the 5 "problems" different variations on the theme are explored, ranging from the reverberating sublow of "Problem 3" to the shimmering strings and keys of "Problem 4", and the closing speak and spell solo on "Problem 5". Forever inventive and utterly impressive - "EP1" is an absolute MUST for followers of Pritchard and blunted Detroit Hip Hop alike. ESSENTIAL PURCHASE. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]


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