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Friday, January 11, 2008

SYCLOPS - Where's Jason's K

SYCLOPS - Where's Jason's K (DFA US) Comentários: The surgically precise electro trio Syclops is new to the DFA stable, but they've been around-- in recent memory, they played on "Where's Jason's K" producer Maurice Fulton's dub of Hot Chip's "Over and Over", and backed Kathy Diamond on Miss Diamond to You. This single from their forthcoming DFA debut is like one of the Juan Maclean's lush yet robotic workouts without the soft, pastel room tone-- a cleaner, more autoclaved experience. Aside from a mannered little misfire around the middle, the drum programming is OCD-immaculate: synthetic snares, twitchy rattles, simmering hi-hats, polite shakers, and echoing cowbells grid out a ramifying syncopation. The melodic content is just as carefully sculpted: spongy synth-bass and curly keyboard ribbons twist in spirals, the former locked in a busy post-human funk line laddering up and down the register, the latter thickening and thinning incrementally, rolling easily across the color spectrum, whistling, twittering, and singing. For all its swarming movement, Syclops holds this single back from any sort of rush or release-- it sounds, in short, heavily disassociated. Where did Jason's K get to, anyway? I've got one good guess. in pitchfork [Para Ouvir/Samples1] [2]

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