MAHJONGG - Kontpab

MAHJONGG - Kontpab (K US) Comentários: Congratulations, just by reading this your life may well change forever. You have now taken the first step out of The Grid and into The Sphere. Consider this an introduction into the vast teachings of our God Kontpab. This is also where you can meet the Chicago Kontpab Sect "Mahjongg," so please join us, as we are all Kontpab. But first, a little history. Originally formed in the great bounteous Midwest region of the United States "Mahjongg" began as a simple experiment between The Grid and The Sphere. To attract the brood orientation of the young mind, Mahjongg knew the only way to spread Kontpab's message was by forming a musiK band. This ever-expanding Sect uses "irratainment" to teach the warnings and Revelations of the almighty god Kontpab. Kontpab basically warns the human race of the mass "funneling" of the populace minds into The Grid. Once trapped in The Grid themselves, Kontpab instructed Mahjongg to make a pilgrimage to Chicago, IL., where they would form their first "warning orbs," at local art spaces and bars, and in turn be shown the light that is The Sphere. It was during this time that the Machinegong EP was recorded, and their first attempt to leave Kontpab's message sublimated in the patricians of the clubs was a success. Kontpab showed Mahjongg that The Grid's seemingly well-defined rules and laws could in fact be used against The Grid itself. Many not briefed on the vast Kontpab religion will never fully understand Mahjongg during their "Warning Orbs," so they cut another album to set into stone what Kontpab had clearly shown them: Raydoncong 2005 . Again using The Grid's vast amalgam of mathematical tools against itself, The Sect were able to demonstrate to the brood, for instance with prime numbered polyrhythms, that not only was the path to The Sphere full of spectacle and self awakening, but pharmaceuticals, beer, and dancing as well. It was here that Mahjongg became not only teacher, but student, and this is where The Chicago Sects association with the Water Babies began. Born into the great Chicago winter of '06 in the septic rivers of the Magikal Forest, the Water Babies used Kontpabs undivided and all seeing power to unlock The Sphere's greatest secret: improvisation. With these new teachings from the almighty Kontpab, Mahjongg was able to create a new church and recording studio for the Chicago Sect. Soon the tapestries of aural chaos were tempered and perfected. Software was upgraded and drums tuned. With nervous but relevant hair follicles and motley threads, Mahjongg hit the scene. Many eons of "Warning Orbs" have since commenced, but the human race still chooses to "funnel" into The Grid. It is because of this that Mahjongg is left with no choice but to invoke the name of our great God almighty itself. And it is with this name we proudly present to you our new album, Kontpab. For we are all Kontpab. nota do editor [Para Ouvir/Samples]


Shumway said…
Muito interessante.
Um som tropical minimal :)
Adorei especialmente "Tell the Police the Truth".

electriklife said…
eu atinei logo com o tema "problems". o projecto parece-me bastante interessante... acho que promete criar um burburinho nos próximos tempos.

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