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Sunday, May 24, 2009


DEVORA RAN® is a new type of magazine. DEVORA RAN® is an art magazine that specialises in sex. It presents a new perspective on sex and art and, as we’re propelled into the third millennium, it opens new debates on sex culture. DEVORA RAN® is an unprecedented insight into the sexual revolution that is taking place, a true alternative to the conventionalism of mainstream media. Its innovative content is generated by cutting edge photographers, artists and writers. DEVORA RAN® seamlessly fuses sex and art creating a veritable cultural orgy. Conceived and produced in Barcelona, DEVORA RAN® is undeniably international in its outlook. Aimed at both men and women, DEVORA RAN® is the first sex magazine to address a mixed audience. DEVORA RAN® prides itself on being the alternative people were waiting for. It has made its debut in the market without any competition, ready to delight, satisfy and inform the sexually uninhibited and culturally aware consumer. DEVORA RAN® is edited in Spanish and English and its latest issues are published online every two months. A collector’s edition will be available in print every six months.

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