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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


ELEPHANT PIXEL - Estrellita EP (LoMidHigh Unlmtd Germany) Comentários: Laurent Garnier : this is a lovely album. I will present it on my radio show definitely something that i will listen to lot s of time!!! Raresh : Wonderful music ! and the remix also very nice.! Next release on Lomidhigh Unlmtd comes from one of Argentineans busiest producers, Franco di Lorenzo aka Dilo aka Elephant Pixel. The Esrellita vinyl release consists of 6 indierock/electronica songs on the A-side by Elephant Pixel and a lovely deep remix by Bruno Pronsato, on the Bside. Almost four years after the release of his first longplayer Folk, Lisergia, Computers Elephant Pixel s follow up, Estrellita, which comprises of fourteen tracks with contributions by N.E. Stofenmacher, Julie Amadeo, Pablo Heredia and Miniroecke, is coming out right now — on the new Lomidhigh sub label Lomidhigh Unlmtd, especially called into existence by label honcho Daniel Lyons to go beyond the limits of limitless music. Right onto a star: Estrellita. Here we are... in [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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