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Monday, May 18, 2009

SINNER DC - Crystallized

SINNER DC - Crystallized (Ai Records) Comentários: The Swiss trio Sinner DC has been composing and releasing electronic music for over 13 years now. Their tracks have been included on the superb compilations of the “Global Underground Afterhours” series and their artist albums have been acclaimed by the European music media community. I’m sure their latest album ‘Crystallized’ will be well received, too. The first notes of the record place the listener in a concert hall, where he would eagerly await the show while listening to the melodies which come out of instruments being tuned. In ‘Anyway’, the orchestra is already moving full steam ahead, at the same time presenting a full scope of symphonic arrangements and a superb horn in the foreground. There’s one more song on this album that causes a sheer emotional tsunami. I’m talking ‘Digital Dust’ in which the monotonous, yet melodic and arranged in two voices vocal part reminds me of the majestic and mysterious atmosphere of the Pink Floyd's early works. ‘Crystallized’ is suffused with references not only to symphonic music, but also to progressive rock, world music, or insular folk. And if there were no turnings into the area of mainstream pop, which is clearly visible in the vocals of ‘The Medium is the Message’, I’d have swallowed this album in one piece. in soundrevolt [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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