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Saturday, May 23, 2009

MORDANT MUSIC - Picking O'er The Bones

MORDANT MUSIC - Picking O'er The Bones (Mordant Music) Comentários: "Picking O'er The Bones" é o resultado de uma parceria entusiasta e para alguns, algo excêntrica entre as editoras Mordant e Skull Disco, que nos últimos tempos têm entretido muita boa gente. Seria possível apontar inúmeros argumentos para justificar a sua esmerada qualidade e originalidade musical, o melhor mesmo será testarem a sua discografia e com alguma boa vontade tirem as vossas próprias conclusões, no entanto estes dois geniozinhos maquiavélicos e obscuros reuniram neste volume compilatório nomes como: Shackleton, Admiral Greyscale, Vindicatrix and artist Zeke Clough. "Picking O’er The Bones" recomenda-se àqueles que primam por marcar a diferença nesta vida e que se permitem experienciar uma viagem negra e deliciosamente diabólica no complexo mundo do dubstep, bem-vindos a bordo. MU. [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Blogger electriklife said...

Mordant Music are set to release their first label compilation later in the year.

The imprint is the brainchild of production partners Ian Hicks and Gary Mills (who also go under the eccentric titles of Baron Mordant and Admiral Greyscale), who set up the label in 2002 to showcase their refreshingly odd musical vision. Whilst their full-length releases saw the duo immerse themselves in eerie ambience, the Mordant Music singles saw them subvert dance-punk, techno, dubstep and electro into their own tenebrous style. The compilation, entitled Picking O'er The Bones, omits the duo's earlier work in order to focus on their more recent output, most of which is in a dubstep vein. They're in good company, as Skull Disco founder Sam Shackleton also appears on five tracks, one of which ("El Din (Part Two)") is previously unreleased. The Skull Disco connections don't end there, however, as sleeve designer Zeke Clough has offered his talents to Mordant Music's artwork department as well. The only other act to appear on the CD are London-based three-piece Vindicatrix, who contribute a slice of demented acid-trip techno to close out the collection. As with the rest of Mordant's back catalogue, even if it doesn't take your fancy, it's sure to raise more than a few

Saturday, 23 May, 2009  

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