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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

HTRK - Marry Me Tonight

HTRK - Marry Me Tonight (Blast First) Comentários: HTRK release their debut album proper, having previously treated us to the sandblasting electronics of their live LP, Nostalgia. Marry Me Tonight is considerably cleaner and more focused than that effort, stripping the Melbourne group's sound to a largely electronic concoction comprising primitive beats and shards of post-rock influenced guitar and vocals that sound like the work of a comatose Kim Gordon. 'Kiss Before The Fall' sounds like a modern-day 'Venus In Furs' with its thudding drone-rock sensibilities, the crisp, unconditioned drum machine linking up with what sustaining guitar tones in a robotic VU-influenced fashion. 'Ha' revels in its skeletal no-wave influence, grinding bass tones against a drum pattern that's equally indebted to Pan Sonic and Suicide (the album definitely starts to feel like a tribute to the Blast First label at times, though that's certainly no criticism). Certain tracks, like 'Fascinator' and 'Rent Boy' have closer run-ins with pop music, stamping out melodies in a more forthcoming fashion and consequently giving this icily cool LP a more accommodating side that'll ease you into. in boomkat Marry Me Tonight lembra-me a sonoridade dos Chromatics, é melancolico, electrónico, pos punk qb., recomenda-se! [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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