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Saturday, May 02, 2009

VARIOUS - Milky Disco 2: Lets Go Freak Out

VARIOUS - Milky Disco 2: Lets Go Freak Out (Lo Recordings) Comentários: Two years ago Lo Recordings released a compilation of what was then being called Nu Disco or Cosmic Disco music. Excited by the wide spectrum of styles touched on in this new hybrid of electronic music, Lo collected together many of the leading artists including Lindstrom, Studio, Padded Cell, Black Devil and Emperor Machine to create a ‘quintessential cosmic compendium’. Now it’s time for another collection of beats, textures, melodies and vibrations whose influences range from Detroit techno to German experimentalism, 80’s west coast vibes, italo disco, soul, industrial, ambient and avant garde to create what could loosely be called ‘exploratory space dance music’. For us it’s this collision of styles and sounds that make this genre so appealing. Of course there have been other times when music has cross pollinated - when punk met dub, free jazz collided with rock, freaks got hairy, synthesizers exploded, disco dancers took acid… when the lion lies with the lamb and UFO’s appear to land in the garden, that’s the time we like the best. This compilation is designed to reflect the diversity and energy of what’s been going on over the last couple of years. Packed with exclusive tracks as well as a few ‘new underground classics’ like the rolling Throbbing Gristle meets Snatch slo-mo groove of ‘You Are Amen’, the neo prog deep bush kalimba vibes of ‘Pissed and Passed Out’ by Ghost Note, the Arthur Russell-ish narco-disco of Nite Jewel’s ‘What Did He Say’, Canyon’s deep space blues ‘Big City Lights’ and Gatto Fritto’s kraut meets disco epic ‘Hungry Ghosts’. You’ll also find brand new tracks by West Coast surf head Hatchback, LA dude Eddie Ruscha (Secret Circuit), New York’s Soft Circle (aka Hisham Bharoocha ex Black Dice drummer), Cornwall’s Kerrier District and Brighton’s Soft Rocks.Add to this unreleased remixes of Black Devil Disco Club,Glass Candy and Georges Vert by Richard Sen (Padded Cell), Brain Machine, Johan Agebjorn, and Rune Lindbaek. New discoveries like Pink Stallone from New York, Norwegian disco Viking Lukas Nystrand, italo fiend CFCF and east coast meets west coast duo Expanding Head Band (actually Tussleproducers Quinn Luke & Alexis Georgopoulos aka Bing Ji Ling and Arp!). Oh and there’s an exclusive track from Sorcerer in league with Milky Globe, possibly his best since the classic ‘Surfing At Midnight’, a new track from Soul Jazz’s Subway and Pete Lawrence of The Big Chill’s Chilled By Nature outfit remixed by Windsurf with vocals by no less than the legendary SwingleSingers. Phew! So there we have it, a disco compilation strong enough to stun an ox and just like the last Milky Disco compilation ‘If the gods are into music, I suspect they listen to this. The sound of the cosmos’.‘An amazing collection of comets and moonbeams compiled by Jon Tye' 20 Jazz Funk Greats. in lorec. [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Blogger electriklife said...


Various Artists - Milky Disco II: Let's Go Freak Out (LCD75)

CD Double Album

1. Hatchback - Midnight Jogger
2. Pollyester - You Are Amen
3. Secret Circuit - Roll
4. Ghost Note - Pissed and Passed Out
5. Chilled by Nature | Black Mustang - Otherness (Black Mustang Frozen Moon Jam)
6. Gatto Fritto - Hungry Ghosts
7. Lukas Nystrand and the Ageema Blues - Knivar
8. Soft Circle - Don't Just Stand There (Eric Brouceck Mix)
9. Black Devil Disco Club - Is Sorrow (Brain Machine's Lucifer Rising Dub)
10. Glass Candy - The Chameleon (Johan Agebjorn Remix)
11. CFCF - A Raining Patterns
CD 2

1. Black Mustang/Kerrier District - Life's a Gas (Dub)
2. Soft Rocks - Leave Your Earth Behind
3. Pink Stallone - New Fate
4. Canyons - Big City Lights
5. Nite Jewel - What Did He Say
6. Expanding Head Band - Sound of Breaking Glass
7. Black Devil Disco Club - Free for the Girls (Richard Sen Remix)
8. Georges Vert - Jovan Freak (Rune Lindbaek Nomaden Mix)
9. Chilled by Nature - Otherness (Windsurf's Golden Bear Dub)
10. Subway - Crystalline
11. Milky Globe/Sorcerer - Soft Sea

Saturday, 02 May, 2009  
Anonymous Joana said...

já estava a precisar de uma segunda levada de disco cósmico :)

Saturday, 02 May, 2009  

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