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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Moon Wiring Club - Clutch It Like A Gonk

Moon Wiring Club - Clutch It Like A Gonk (Gecophonic) Comentários: Ian Hodgson returns with a brand new Moon Wiring Club album, bundled with a 3" cd of additional, beatless, hugely engrossing material. Despite using more or less the same setup (a Playstation 2 running "Music") - the production values have seen a big bump on "Clutch It Like A Gonk". There's still a nostalgic trace-echo permeating through the pores of these tracks (that is the essence of Hauntology, is it not?), but the tempo has been nudged, the percussion has become much more heavy-hitting and the whole thing is covered with a modern sheen (despite the typical, brilliantly unhinged retro-manic artwork) that's previously only been hinted at on MWC releases. "Churchyard Style" situates itself positively in between a halfstep bass drop and Araabmuzik style syncopation, with a cascading melody keeping everything properly unbalanced. "Spellcasting Summat" takes on a UKG template before rolling in with some dislodged vocal snippets and tripped-out effects, while "Get There By Bus" almost sounds like Shackleton on a Radiophonic jaunt. The real star of the show, however, is the 3" CD of miniatures that's included in this bundle. It's already been described as "sounding a bit like Boards Of Canada's short, beatless intervals" - and although there's certainly a similarly de-tuned and spectral quality to these pieces (there are 22 of them, clocking in at about a minute each) - there's a more unsettling essence to these tracks, reminding us of Position Normal and SAWII (especially on Track 8) - without really sounding like either. Of course, the package looks just sublime, with more of that intricate and super-distinctive MWC artwork, and although the whole project seems to have a kind of cultural pastiche at its core, we reckon that Ian Hodgson might really be onto something a bit new here - and as such we reckon this is easily his best set of tracks to date. Highly recommended! via boomkat

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