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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Sapphire Slows - True Breath (NNF241)

Sapphire Slows - True Breath (Not Not Fun) Comentários: Proving once and for all that not all Japanese electronic music has to be pretty and/or ambient, Sapphire Slows hails from Tokyo and offers up this devilish selection of woozy, neon house crawlers. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised given that it’s appearing on the really quite amazing Not Not Fun imprint, and coming after Maria Minerva’s 2011 fave ‘Cabaret Cixous’ it makes perfect sense. Sapphire’s silky half-heard vocals erupt like blue gas over her stripped Chicago-via-Sheffield bleep house backings and end up sounding like Grouper’s long lost Warp album. Despite the amount of nods to house music, there’s something deeper and darker about Sapphire Slows that’s impossible to ignore; something that gets under the skin, and like Maria Minnerva should drag plenty of outsiders into the skin. She uses retro sounds but this isn’t an exercise in random nostalgia, there are dance beats but it’s more than a dance record – rather these elements are part of Sapphire Slows’ process, and with it she makes songs that are as unusual as they are enticing. Gorgeous and defiantly bizarre, this should be another hit to chalk on the success board for Not Not Fun. Don’t miss it…via boomkat

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