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Monday, December 05, 2011

Rapping With Paul White - The Remix EP (Free Download)

Rapping With Paul White - The Remix EP featuring stars like Guilty Simpson, Danny Brown, Tranqill, Marv Won and Moe Pope. Sick!

1.Dirty Slang ft. Guilty Simpson (Remix) 02:48
2.One Of Life's Pleasures ft. Danny Brown (Remix) 02:31
3.Up Close 01:17
4.Rotten Apples ft Tranqill (Remix) 01:56
5.Run Shit ft. Marv Won (Remix) 02:15
6.Out Of My Mind Tonight 01:22
7.Confused World 00:56
8.Trust ft Guilty Simpson (Remix) 02:29
9.Hi There Interlude 00:31
10.Stampeding Elephants ft. Moe Pope (Remix) 02:10
11.Never Too Late 01:43
12.Gettin' Lucky 01:51

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