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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dutch research studio Metahaven designs a collection of scarves and T-shirts in support of WikiLeaks

Whether you support them or not, Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks played a massive political role in 2011. With their whistle blowing action, they put the spotlight on many uncomfortable truths, shed light on dodgy agreements and, generally speaking, kicked up a fuss. Critics of the website says WikiLeaks put lives at risk by divulging information about diplomatic secrets, military operations and army staff. Of course, Wikileaks claims those governments and politicians have themselves to blame for their inclusion in the cables. As everyone is aware of Assange has also landed himself in a spot of legal trouble by being of accused of rape in Sweden.
He is about to be extradited to Sweden, but last week week won the right to appeal against the decision. Nevertheless, WikiLeaks divide opinion worldwide: some see the organisation as one with the courage to stand up against America, a country which featured heavily in the WikiLeaks cables, while others view Assange as a fame-crazed attention seeker. Dutch design and research studio Metahaven, though, seems to belong to the first category. Apparently worried by the sate of WikiLeaks financial situation, the duo has produced a range WikiLeaks scarves and T-shirt and are currently auctioning them on eBay. We spoke to them to find out how it all began... via dazed & confused

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