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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Theway Peoplestare - M.U. Podcast #32 (December 2011)

I'm very proud to announce another big international collab by the Australian Witch Radio Host Goddess, Sammantha Leesonja!
About the mix:
Once off ! 2010 -2011 anniversary downloadable mixtape !
Produced by THEWAY PEOPLESTARE & mix expertise of MIKE TEXTBEAK
Presented by MUNDO URBANO
Live show and recording assisted by INFECTIOUS UNEASE & RYAN KNOWLES
Huge THANK YOU to all artists and labels involved over the last year. It’s all about the love" Theway Peoplestare.
Cover Art : Mundo Urbano
Theway Peoplestare Facebook | Soundcloud | Tumblr
Download Link (Available for 3 WEEKS!) Here
02.Mater Suspiria Vision - Das Haus Der Hexe (Clandestine Records/Phantasma Disques)
03.∆AIMON - Exu Rei (Tundra Dubs)
04. Crossover - Luv Sick Vampires (Gloom)
05.Violet Tremors - Future Love (Time Is The Traitor)
06.Textbeak - Dove Feeders (Pale Noir)
07.Mascara - Sandtrap (AMDISCS)
08.Children's Drugstore - Logan's Run
09.Unison - Brothers and Sisters (Awkward Remix) (Self Released)
10.Crave - Couch (CCRRAAVVEE.COM)
11.Tash Willmore - Falcon Eye (Aural Sects)
12.Crim3s - Germs (Black BVS Records)
13.//TENSE// - Versus Man (Disaro/Robot Elephant Records)
14.The Present Moment - The Damage Is Loved (Desire/Mannequin Records)
15.Shams - Plastic Language (Self Released)
16.▲NGST - S▲BB▲TH (Phantasma Disques)
17.Ourobonic Plague - The Trial (AMDISCS/Robot Elephant Records)
18.Scythe - Galaxy (Pale Noir)
19.Ceremonial Dagger - Imperfect Execution (Black BVS Records)
20.Mushy - Too Far (Live) (Mannequin Records)
21.Arc – Insults (Tundra Dubs)
22.Drugs For Drugs / GL▲SS †33†H - While You're Away (Phantasma Disques)
23.Eyedoublecross - Stand (Black BVS Records)
24.Mater Suspiria Vision - Snake That Eats Itself (Phantasma Disques)
25.V‡S KULT - Small In Number But Greater In Mind (Kult)
26.Spastic Joy - Hello Goodbye (Clandestine Records)
27.Ritualz - King (Robot Elephant Records)
28.Myrrh Ka Ba - Eye M Dem (Tundra Dubs)
29.NФΔH 3 / BLAM LORD / PARTY TRASH - Bleeding Edge So Wet (Self Released)
30.Strange Powers - Hall Ov Records (Tundra Dubs)
31.Fostercare - Burn This City (Stray EP)
32.Nattymari - Bumpin Kreayshawn Obliteration (Clandestine Records)
33.___N___ - Ghostnnn (Self Released)
34.Slow Head - Veins (Phantasma Disques)
35.Raw Moans - Hands of Affection (Safe Sex)
36.Modern Witch - In Your Eyes (Disaro/Tundra Dubs)
37.oOoOO - Burnout Eyess (Triangle Records)
38.Crossover - Jack Knife (Punch)

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