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Monday, December 19, 2011

YOUNG HUNTING - The Night Of The Burning

YOUNG HUNTING - The Night Of The Burning (Blackest Ever Black) Comentários: Steeped in gothic decadence, Young Hunting's 'The Night Of The Burning' is a darkly compelling kiss of death to 2011 from one of its finest imprints. An "experimental musick project" based in Edinburgh, Scotland, its two members formed a relationship with Blackest Ever Black on the strength of a self-released debut album 'Attachment In A Child And The Subsequent Condition' from 2010, finding mutual aesthetic ties to the nether realms of early '80s post-industrial atmospheres and the escapism of bedroom arcana. The most obvious, and favourable, comparison is with the music of Coil; whether through ambitious sound design and arrangements, or their theatric affections, the similarities are clear. But it's certainly not a straight up facsimile - they hadn't actually heard of Coil until recently. They would be more likely to reference the transgressive literature and philosophies of Bataille or the films of Jane Arden, both of whom directly influenced the haunting lyrics, delivered in a cinematic, earnest style and, refreshingly, without a sliver of cynicism. For those willing or able to sequester themselves from prosaic realities, there's an achingly lush sound world within 'The Night Of The Burning' beckoning your attentions. Strongly recommended if you like Raime, Coil, Swans, Dead Can Dance... via boomkat
Young Hunting - The Night Of The Burning (BLACKEST006) [short clips] by Blackest Ever Black

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