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Monday, December 26, 2011

Patrice & Friends - Cashmere Sheets

Patrice & Friends - Cashmere Sheets (Sulk Records) Comentários: Patrice & Friends is an alter ego for the indomitable Slackk and his undisclosed pals flexing their Footwork hyper-soul. 'Cashmere Sheets' comprises 22 tracks - the original 15 plus a bonus 7-track EP "Cashmere Offcuts" - and signifies the UK's most fun contribution to the ongoing dialogue between the Bass scene and Chicago. Unlike, say Addison Groove or Kuedo's takes on Footwork, the ruff-cut boogie sampling and flighty aesthetic of Patrice & Friends has much more in common with the OG Southside crews, mirroring their energy and flow with a hair-kissing sense of funk that can't be faked. The source material is handled in a way that's achingly well appointed, re-contextualising coked-up '80s funk and R'n'B along futurist vectors unfortunately avoided by so many who're content to rehash the same, "sophisticated" memes sans the energy or real-deal soul. There's a classic double refraction of ideas criss-crossing the Atlantic at the moment, from DJ Manny & J-Cush sampling Wiley to the likes of Patrice & Friends spinning off Footwork, and no doubt, we simply can't get enough. A massive recommendation! Buy it via boomkat or Download it for free.

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