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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Huerco S. - M.U. Podcast #30 (December 2011)

I’ m proud to announce that one of my new favorite producers accepted to compose a mix for my beloved M.U. Podcast : Huerco S. (aka Brian Leeds) is a mystifying/underground project from Kansas City (USA), which I’ve slammed into by accident on Soundcloud two months ago. In effect, his music blends different music genres like Chicago House/Techno, Post Dubstep + Romantic + Warm = SUPER! At the moment there’s not much info about this KC persona, however beside a bunch of super quality tunes published on his SC , we know that «the melancholy blue pressure of Huerco S' 'Got Me Inna Trance' » track was released on B.YRSLF Division, Forthcoming : 12" at 'Wicked Bass Records' plus another to be released at 'Other Heights'
About the mix: "basically it's some songs that i like, some that i made, and some that i edited. A PERFECT COMPANION FOR ALL THOSE WINTRY NIGHTS TO COME. " Huerco S.
Download »» Huerco S. - M.U. Podcast #30 (December 2011)
YYU - Move(know) - (CD-R)
De Tuinen - The Fragments of Knowledge of the Final Truth - (CD-R)
Cheap And Deep Productions - Darkroom Beats - (Cheap and Deep)
OCP - Blue Spring - (Aim)
YYU - Toastaoven (Huerco S. mix) - (CD-R)
Huerco S. - Prinzif(Ruff Rub) - (CD-R)
The Please - Sampler Crack - (Purple Maze)
Control Voltage - 2 - (Dissident)
Huerco S. - Ames - (forthcoming Other Heights)
Huerco S. - KPR - (CD-R)
Legowelt - U can fly away from the hood - (Legowelt S/R)
Huerco S. - U R ALWAYS ON MY MIND - (CD-R)

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