JEAN JACQUES PERREY & LUKE VIBERT - Moog Acid (Lo Recordings) Comentários: Now available on vinyl! Now here's a meeting of minds: electronic music pioneer Jean Jacques Perrey teams up with one of the very finest producers in British electronica, Luke Vibert for an odd meeting of styles. Brilliantly, neither artist seems to have bothered tailoring their musical styles in order to accommodate the other. Vibert irreverently romps through archive material from Perrey, attaching all manner of skewed beats and funked up Cornish acid constructions along the way. The defiantly wacky 'JJPLVDNB' is a principal culprit in this respect, and it takes an admirable lack of good sense to attach filter weeping sub bass to a version of 'Frere Jacques'. The warmth and all-round beauty of the analog sound sources is a big draw here, and it sounds especially splendid when sewn into the awesome retro disco framework of 'Analog Generique', a clear standout and a vintage piece of Vibert production magic, evoking the best of his work under the Kerrier District moniker. Moog Acid could hardly be more likeable, the project sidesteps any potential descent into the realm of kitsch whilst remaining utterly joyful at all times, faithfully referencing both Perrey's lifetime of experimentation with recording techniques and Vibert's contemporary production savoir faire. Ace. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]


Shumway said…
Aí está um magnifico exemplo de criatividade do "old" vs "new". 2 brilhantes arquitectos sonoros.
electriklife said…
ora bem, alguém que partilha da mesma opinião que eu. Quando vi o álbum pela primeira vez torci o nariz, bem pensei eu hm não sei se vai resultar, enganei-me, rendi-me a este exercício musculado algo improvável. recomendo vivamente.

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