POMASSL - Spare Parts

POMASSL - Spare Parts (Raster Noton Germany) Comentários: "spare parts" is the long awaited new album from the sonic laboratory of austrian based psycho-physio musican pomassl and the latest example of his interest in deconstructing musical structure and testing the limits of hearing. Still retaining his distinctive style, but with much more mature arranged elements and carefully structured sections, compared to his earlier output. Dabbling and blurring experimental and advanced pop. It is pomassl’s full-lenght debut for the german raster-noton imprint, after several collaboration contribution for the label. Producing this album, pomassl has explored his arsenal of armaments with the initial use of original generators and synthesizers (polivoks, ritm-2) from soviet fabrics, manufactured in the 80‘s, beside as always he uses a combination of prototypical self-customized electronic instruments versus state of the art technology. nota do editor [Para Ouvir/Samples]


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