NEBRASKA - Vicarious Disco

NEBRASKA - Vicarious Disco (Down Low) Comentários: Here’s an appetizer before the full-length Nebraska Album drops on dL. “Vicarious Disco (Alt. Mix)” is a slightly different mix of one of the key album tracks, a combination of an insistent looped-up riff, soaring orchestral strings, and a hot nickels synth bassline – part classic deep house, part Carl Craig. “Full Deck (Alt. Mix)” lays some lovely strings and stabs of piano over a stripped down beat and slippery bass notes. For the B-side, we asked one of our all-time favorite producers to remix “Vicarious Disco”: Soul 223, aka Stasis. The two mixes are similar in style to his other Soul 223 stuff, his personalized take on Detroit beatdown house. Taking the looping riff from the original, he adds minor-key chords, a sub-bassline, some brilliant synthetic sounds and a voice shrouded in darkness, and lays them over some deep and slow house beats -- resulting in two sweaty, hauntingly melancholy tracks that are bit reminiscent of recent Theo Parrish. nota do editor [Para Ouvir/Samples]


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