MELCHIOR PRODUCTIONS - No Disco Future (Perlon Germany) Comentários: The first Melchior Productions long-player since 2004's The Meaning, No Disco Future finds Thomas Melchior decamping from Playhouse to Perlon, This album has been touted as a departure from his minimal, chopped-up past in favour of a more fleshed out, dynamic record, and sure enough there's a more fluid approach to production on tracks like 'Where's The Happiness' and mid-tempo thumper 'Out There' in which squeaking, whirring synths orbit around a solid largely unchanging beat. Unlike so many full-length releases, No Disco Future only gets better as it reaches its middle section. By the time you reach 'The Hypnotist' and 'Her Majesty', Melchior's microhouse aesthetic has embraced deep stereo pads and snippets of vocals - and of course the drums, though still resolutely in the domain of 'minimal' sound perfectly proportioned. Closing number 'Water Soul' brings all these elements together to their full effect with swelling synth ambience, whispered, echoing vocals and springy 4/4 rhythms. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]


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