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Sunday, November 11, 2007


PUPKULIES & REBECCA - Beyond The Cage (Normoton Germany) Since 2005 the Berlin-based duo PUPKULIES & REBECCA, consisting of JANOSCH BLAUL & REBECCA GROPP, is working on reconciling the unpolished charme of the songwriting of the past decades with modern club music. Last year’s debut “The Way We”, highly acclaimed by their audience, could already be called a succesful experiment, but the successor “Beyond The Cage” is just the big hit. The two of them, who are lovers for many years, withdrew to a remote village in France for the production of it. The calmness and seclusion of this place is also perceptible in the mood of this remarkable album. “Beyond The Cage” reminds of classic singer/songwriter albums like you’ve always wanted them. Diverse, multilayered and pure, free from cheap showmanship, always relying on itself. Electronically pulsating chansons, pervaded by warmth, melancholy und lightness, which allow Rebecca to fully display her voice. A voice which impresses and touches deeply. Intense and soulful she tells her stories in english, french and german and immediately wins the listener over. Framed by sounds reduced to the essential, the music and the lyrics complement each other perfectly. JANOSCH BLAUL, born in Cameroon, already expressed his love to Minimalhouse as part of the duo STRASSMANN. He is also regularly visiting the musically vivid Cap Verde, where he spent parts of his childhood, which is surely a perceptible influence on his music. Apparently playfully he creates wonderful harmonies out of guitars and electronic sounds, which make the songs shine. Still minimal, far less House this time, but with a lot of Soul. On a few tracks, Sepp Singwald, a bassplayer from Berlin and lover of old e-pianos Rhodes and Wurlitzer, supported the duo. Many will remember their show at the Fusion Festival for a long time, where Pupkulies & Rebecca played the primetime slot in the ambient tent. Because of a premaster copy of this album in the right hands they were booked on the spot for the showcase of “Costume National” on this year’s fashion fair in Milan. Pupkulies & Rebecca found their language and we’re about to hear from them in the future. Totally sure about that. in dotshop [Para Ouvir/Samples]



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