VARIOUS - Expansion Contraction

VARIOUS - Expansion Contraction (Minus Canada) Comentários: A new compilation on M_nus is always something worth getting excited about, and EXPANSION/contraction is no exception to that rule. As with the Minimize To Maximize and min2MAX compilations, this latest takes its theme from the binary relationship between the definitive minimalist concern: the relationship between sound and the absence of sound, or as the label themselves would have it "The act of finding inspiration from a sonic molecule or the inaudible space around it". In keeping with this theme, Plastikman's 'Risk Assessment' is a track that relies upon a skeletal configuration of beats supported by a quietly rumbling sub-bassline that slowly wends its way across a nine-minute reduced techno narrative. Heartthrob's contribution to the set must count as an example of 'expansion', with its simple kick-snare pulses escalating into a comparatively full-blooded production. Next up is new kid on the M_nus block, Dubfire, whose 'Emissions' fits in perfectly with the aesthetic of precision and reduction the label has become synonymous with. Gaiser's 'Mute' is one of the standout cuts here, right up there with the top quality material on his recent Eye Contact double-pack. Further contributions come from Marc Houle and JPLS, with a ten-minute CD exclusive track from Troy Pierce. EXPANSION/contraction is by no means the hyper-experimental Richard Chartier-style piece of work the press blurb purports it to be, but it's undoubtedly further confirmation (if any were necessary) that M_nus remains at the very top of the minimal techno heap. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]


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