OVATOW - Phalaenopsis

OVATOW - Phalaenopsis (Frantic Flowers Holland) Comentários: Deep dubby spaced out techno with a nice warm atmosphere. A side is a slow teasing techno cut that builds around a spacious morphing synth, a robotic bass line and a fragile piano that adds an unexpected human touch to this abstract track.. a big surprise!!! and a track that will definitely get some heads turned. The stripped down almost ambient-esque dub II version is with its almost 13 minutes still not long enough! These tracks already created a little hype on MySpace with many people trying to find out who is behind this Ovatow project. Several offers came in from well respected labels... but the cards already where given to Clone/Frantic Flowers. Highly recommended!!! in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples1] [2]


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