LEGGO BEAST - Tales From The Crib

LEGGO BEAST - Tales From The Crib (Big Chill) Comentários: An upbeat, chunky gem, the album takes a diverse collection of sonic influences from Cuban percussion (recorded incognito in downtown Havana), junk shop vinyl finds and a hotch potch collection of obscure synths.TALES FROM THE CRIB is a very personal album, a natural prograssion for the uplifting and funky Leggo Beast sound, based on Murray 'Leggo Beast' Clark's unique experiences during the course of making the album.Murray has visited Sierra Leone three times in the last two years. While in Sierra Leone making films with young people he became aware of the discrepancy between the West and Africa and realized that we have opportunities many people will never have. This new freer approach and sense of deep appreciation runs through TALES FROM THE CRIB. "Much of the time was spent just revising the way I work in the studio, trying to get rid of old habits and make the whole creative process more, spontaneous, dynamic and refreshing. "To that end Murray has designed, mastered, recorded and produced every aspect of the album himself. From the first outings as Leggo Beast he has championed an independent and diverse approach to music, avoiding pigeon-holes and genres, staying inventive and avoiding mimicry. In this context TALES FROM THE CRIB is a celebration of the musical journey so far, the amazing creative and cultural opportunities we enjoy in the developed world and a mighty fine album to dance, sing and shake your stuff to. The first chance to hear the album will be at the Tales from the Crib Launch Party on 15th Novemberat The Big Chill House, where Leggo Beast and friends take over the decks, bringing the tales from the crib into the house. nota do editor [Para Ouvir/Samples]


chris said…
Bravo. Good review. The new release is indeed a gem. Long overdue.

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