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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ATLAS SOUND - Let The Blind Lead Those Who See But Cannot Feel

ATLAS SOUND - Let The Blind Lead Those Who See But Cannot Feel (Kranky US) Comentários: The much talked about solo album from Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox, Atlas Sound's "Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel" is an electronically-geared songwriter album done right. Possibly for the first time since Khonnor's debut album a few years back an artist has successfully embraced the sound palette offered by their laptop and made a coherent collection of experimentally minded pop outings. It's all too easy to find yourself distracted by the blogging circus that surrounds Bradford Cox. This is afterall a man who kept a tour diary dedicated to his bowel movements (with chilling photographic evidence included), and caused no end of controversy via his publication of dubious pornographic images on that same Deerhunter blog (not to mention the feud with Samara Lubelski...). It was this sort of nonsense that contributed to the departure of the band's guitarist Colin Mee, so the prospect of Cox holding together an impressive solo outing was hardly something to be taken for granted. Fortunately, all baggage has been checked and you're left with fourteen slices of fluently assembled electronics and dream-pop melodies. 'A Ghost Story' ushers in the album with a potent mixture of Panda bear-like soundscaping with an archive recording of a small child recounting a spooky tale. This kind of more abstract composition reappears throughout the album, holding together 'On Guard', 'Winter Vacation' and the vast, swooping title track, all in a vein similar to Kompakt's Pop Ambient series. The dominant force here though is Cox's knack for penning rewired indie rock, as typified by the immense 'Quarantined' and 'River Card' - it's almost enough to overshadow his Deerhunter day job. Excellent. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]


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