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Friday, February 08, 2008

KLIMA - Klima

KLIMA - Klima (Peacefrog) Comentários: London-based French vocalist Angele David-Guillou has previously made appearances on recordings by Piano Magic and the duo Ginger Ale, but this eponymous debut delivers the powerful simplicity of her voice in full force. Klima's music frames that voice in swathes of electronics as well as more conventional instruments (predominantly electric guitar), calling upon the mixing and production talents of Laika's Guy Fixsen and Piano Magic's Jerome Tcherneyan respectively. Angele is also joined by Psapp's Gwen Cheeseman, who provides the strings on the album - it's quite the who's who of indietronica. Of all the tracks here, 'Neverending' is the most impressive piece of production, the swooping strings and distorted backing vocals are a clear venture into Bjork's territory with marching electronic beats directly referencing the Icelandic pop queen's 'Hunter'. 'Lady of The Lake' is similarly elaborate, the otherwise upbeat arrangement cloaked in a misty reverberation that darkens things up nicely. In fact, much of the album is sewn together from fragments of electronic instrumentation and grandiose strings, but it's the remarkably straight-forward 'Fluorescent Stars' that provides possibly the most instant, most memorable song on the album: it's a combination of bare electric guitar arpeggios and a wordless vocal hook that proves to be the most emotive moment here. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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