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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


JAVAANSE JONGENS, De - PS (Kindred Spirits Holland) Comentários: Kindred Spirits continues it’s Nod Navigator series with the new Javaanse Jongens beat E.P. 10 Bangers!!!Around 1997 ‘De Javaanse Jongens’ got to know each other. Due to their different backgrounds they were very open-minded to different kinds of music which resulted in a broad taste and interest of music styles and everything which was directly connected to that. This passions and love for music was the base of their friendship and by this ‘De Javaanse Jongens’, Dutch for ‘the guys from Java’, decided to form a collective which isn’t bound to one specific sound, but in which variation of sounds and grooves is king. Consisting out of four young guys: Wan Kei-You, Jay Bordeaux, Ruben Rahametwau and Louis Bordeaux, who recently released it’s debut LP on Appletree Records, JJ keeps it rocking with 10 banging tracks on this E.P. From heavy thumping drumlines to soulful rhythms with deep vocals it’s all here, so play it, experience it, nod your head to it and feel the versatility.. The next Javaanse Jongens project might be different because it’s like JJ says “Variation spices up life! So we love to flip around our sound and keep evolving..” in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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