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Sunday, February 03, 2008

BENJAMIN BRUNN - Konig Und Drache

BENJAMIN BRUNN- Konig Und Drache (Bine Music Germany) Comentários: This is one of those releases you stumble across more or less by accident and end up getting completely overtaken by its simple complexity and goosebump-inducing beauty. Released on the Raster-Noton sponsored "Bine" imprint, "Konig Und Drache (king and dragon) explores a sort of effortlessly organic blend of microscopically crunchy House music and night-time glowing loveliness, most often bringing to mind Jan Jelinek's work as Farben but considerably less focused on those signature jazz-loops and samples. The depth of field here is widened by virtue of Brunn's innate melodic responses and wide open instincts for bridging squashed 4/4 beats and effervescent melodic underlays with an incredible ability to involve. His childhood dabbling with classical Piano playing comes across through these often resolutely percussive tracks, as does his cross-cultural background (roots in both Dresden and Taiwan) - something which lends this incredible album an air of both determination and introspection. A quiet masterpiece of an album that comes with a huge recommendation - immediate listening required. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Anonymous dj luiting said...

nice description,
just bought the album, nearly by accident. in the record store buying kris menace - idiosyncrsies (must hear!) i thought lets listen to this one, and was completely overtaken by it. had to buy. the music soooo coool. and its is minimalistic like dry champaign.

Friday, 23 April, 2010  

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