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Monday, February 11, 2008


SANTOGOLD - Creator (Downtown US) Comentários: Santogold (out of Brooklyn NYC) has teamed up with producers like Switch, FreQNasty, Naeem (Spankrock), Disco D, and XXXchange for her forthcoming solo album. The handful of tracks that have already surfaced definitely showcase her versatility and talent as a vocalist, as well as a nice range of production styles and influences. Santi began with her rock band Stiffed in 2001 making new wave tinged punk/ska. From what I gather Stiffed eventually split and Santi has since gone on with her solo career after hooking up with Lizard King records (most known for signing The Killers). While the backbone of her sound remains rooted in her punk/reggae past, her music is about as new sounding and exciting as pop gets right now! We cant wait for more and I cant wait to start hearing it on the floor. in bigstereo [Para Ouvir/Samples1] [2]

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