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Sunday, February 10, 2008

v/a - 02 - prime numbers records

Prime Numbers is a new record label initiated by Trus’me. The label is set to release records from respected producers from across the globe. Various genres will be covered, although, house and techno will be the predominant sound including Trusme’s own production. The PN sound is brought together through friends, affiliates and collaborators from around the world.Linkwood – ‘R.I.P.’Linkwood’s previous releases on Firecracker Recordings have been classed as instant vintage. Hislatest offering is just that. A deep, sleazy, seductive, 4x4 soul with a moaning female vocal, darkand sweet, that just captures you.Napihedz – ‘Jah Bless’A collaboration between Detroit’s Pirahnahead (Mahogani) and Reggie Dokes (Psychostasia) whichfuses deep house and dub reggae. An intoxicating 4x4 groove gives way to a reggae riddim keyand bass affair. Following in the vein of Rhythm and Sound and Deep Space productions.Reggie Dokes – ‘Black Thoughts’Psychostasia’s label man drops dope minimalism. There are some tracks that you hearon a mix tape that you just have to have. This is one of them. Its fame is drawn from the musicalcircles of Europe, thanks, in part, to Theo Parrish’s influential mix CD from a few years ago.Tip! in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples]


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