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Sunday, October 21, 2007

CHLOE - The Waiting Room

CHLOE - The Waiting Room (Kill The Dj France) Comentários: After five years of sporadic releases on labels like Karat, Gomma and Bpitch Control, French DJ and producer Chloe Thevenin has finally got round to releasing her debut album. The Waiting Room is hardly the straight-forward dancefloor-centric enterprise you might have imagined, taking on all manner of semi-experimental production quirkiness, even throwing in a couple of interstitial tracks that sound like GRM experiments gone wrong. Although hardly the most sophisticated techno you're likely to hear, there's an undeniable charm to Chloe's ramshackle productions. Take for example the melodic minimalism of 'I Want You'. Based around a fairly simple soundest the track bleeps along with a warm, oddly homemade feel. Next up, 'Be Kind To Me' succeeds for the same reasons, this time though there's a far thicker production, with vocal elements flickering in and out of the mix whilst a wall of synth strings fleshes the whole thing out. One of the most successful tracks on the album is 'Around The Clock', a jazzy electroacoustic piece that melds brass instruments with clockwork percussion in a fashion Matthew Herbert would be proud of. The Waiting Room is a far more textured and varied album than you might have imagined, and consequently makes for an involving, consistently entertaining listen. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]



Anonymous Joana said...

olha não sei se gosto, ou melhor não é gostar a chloe neste album virou-se muito para a sua guitarra, é diferente ainda vou ter que me habituar aos sons, mas gosto muito dos ep's que ela tem vindo a editar...

Tuesday, 23 October, 2007  
Anonymous electriklife said...

tens toda a razão, tem algures uns toques meio m.herbert, eu já estava a espera deste resultado, vi uma entrevista que a slices fez a esta menina, e ela na altura avançou que no album k iria editar seria mais experimental ao contrário como disseste e bem dos eps que nos tem vindo a acostumar, enfim é diferente, dou-lhe tres estrelas a pender para as 3 e meia, a ver vamos se sobe de cotação com o passar do tempo.

Tuesday, 23 October, 2007  

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