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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Electronic Shortcuts #01 Dublee

01.Name:yusuke sakurai
03.Birth Place:Nagoya Japan
04.Do u have a nick name?:dublee
05.Define your musical style?:house music
06.3 Tracks that have influenced you most:basic channel tracks
07.The Biggest Musical Challenge? not experienced yet
08.Favourite night club/bar: mago
09.Special Skills?medical doctor
10.Wich artist you choose to produce a track?any female vocalists!
11.The most loved electronic Gear (equipment)?My genelec monitors
12.Favorite Record Shop? tower
13.Vinyl or Mp3?vinyl.but I don't have turntables・・・
14.Wich of these to you love most, Djing or Producing? Producing
15.Do you have plans for a new album? my 3rd album ”floor croquis have been released last month in Japan (Mule Electronic).


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