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Saturday, October 06, 2007

DAEDELUS - Fair Weather Friends

DAEDELUS - Fair Weather Friends (Ninja Tune) Comentários: So this is Daedelus's dancefloor 12" then? Well we always knew it was going to happen, just listen to the Californian producer's back catalogue carefully and you can hear traces of classic rave and hardcore, hints at ideas far beyond the cerebral electro-hop he ended up coming out with, so with that 'Fair Weather Friends' is hardly so surprising. It might not be surprising, but it's certainly a huge record deserved of serious airplay which should give him the kind of following that's been notched up by similarly happy campers The Go! Team. Breakbeats tumble over cheesy samples and funky (I really mean it) bassline rumble below to get those sneakers squeakin'. There's still a trace of the old Alfred in their somewhere though with the glorious strings of 'El Subidon' but the chipper R&B flava of 'My Beau' would have you struggling to believe this is the same guy. Something a little different for Ninja Tune I think, and that can't be a bad thing... in boomkat [Para Ouvir]



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