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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - Someone Great (DFA UK) Comentários: A slow-burning masterstroke, quite why this track casts shadows over All My Friends, North American Scum et. all of the LP's other achievements is hard to pin down, but as soon as that crisp electronic skitter weaves inbetween the sea-sick synthesizer drone in the song's opening minute and a half, the deal is done. Perhaps it's bandleader James Murphy's lyrical directness, the sumptuous, shivering instrumentation or the way the track slowly and effortlessly unwinds over six and a half minutes, Someone Great just affects quite unlike anything else released this year. With this very generously expanded CD single, DFA serve up the aforementioned track with a host of all-star remixes. Sound of Silver opener Get Innocuous is injected with electronic glitches and fuzz-synth in the hands of Soulwax, Carl Craig pairs Sound of Silver down to a minimalist techno workout, Us V Them is refigured as ambient instrumental by Windsurf, Gucci Soundsystem work some understated magic on Time To Get Away and the affair is wrapped up by a KCRW-caught live version of Us V Them. A welcome reminder of how jaw-droppingly strong Sound of Silver really is and a celebration of one of the tracks of 2007, the Someone Great EP is an essential purchase. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]


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