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Monday, October 22, 2007

VA.MURPHY, James & PAT MAHONEY- Fabriclive36

MURPHY, James & PAT MAHONEY- Fabriclive36 (Fabric) Comentários: "Do it until you like it, that's actually our motto." - James Murphy Since its inception just under six years ago, Fabric's compilation series has turned into somewhat of an institution in the dance-mix field. A result of both the near-unwavering strength and sheer scale of its output (one release a month), James Murphy & Pat Mahoney here step aside from their main, (and quite successful) project, LCD Soundsystem, to join the roster for FABRICLIVE 36. For this venture the pair aquired a new machine, Bozak; the world's first handmade DJ mixer, and Bozak deserves praise indeed; Murphy and Mahoney's seamless 24-track mixtape is a sonic silvermine, DFA co-founder Murphy explaining how "Everything sounds bigger, smoother and beautiful..." in its presence. A deep dedication and love of dance music in all of its myriad forms inhabits 36, a set which relishes in the past, nods to the present and flirts with the future. Both scholarly and outrageous fun, 36 sets seminal disco against tech-infused funk, deep rare grooves against LCD's own New York disco funk (see Hippe Priest Burn-out). Influential artists such as Donald Byrd & 125th St, Chic, Lenny Williams, Junior Byron and Jackson Jones each have their 3 minutes of fame, and as Peter Gordon and the Love of Life Orchestra close the set with the church choir call of Don't Don't, it's clear the LCD boys have crafed something quite spectacular; an ode to heroes, a dancefloor killer, a glorious next step in Fabric's dizzying evolution.... in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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Anonymous Joana said...

upa upa sempre a bombar

Tuesday, 23 October, 2007  

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