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Friday, October 19, 2007

LUKID - The Now EP

LUKID - The Now EP (Werk) Comentários: The Werk label are just so on-it right now, with last week's massive Disrupt album seemingly finding a home with pretty much all of you with even a passing interest in BASS musics, and now the return of Lukid, spiritual brethren to the mighty Flying Lotus. This beautifully cut four-tracker opens with the demented dusty perucssion and wobbly synths of "The Now" - a track that sounds like the dream hookup of Dr. Who Dat, Pharoah Sanders and Burial with its ageless aesthetics and indecipherable stylistic quirks. Beneath the bubbling percussion there's a simmering feast of squashed detritus, layers of found sound and heavily processed ambient swathes - the result being a truly jawdropping fusion of experimentation and function, the sort of thing we just can't resist. "Ski Fly" on the flip sheds much of the dense baggage and operates on a more focused brief - but the percussion here is so tight and the arrangements so loose that you just can't fathom how it was pieced together. Just like much of the fascination with Burial's material lies with the fact that his music isn't sequenced in any traditional sense, Lukid produces drum arrangements that just seem to forever evolve and ever so slightly shift in and out of focus. "Ski Fly" is just utterly sick for this very reason - and once you get to the EP's closing track "56" it dawns on you that the age of frenetic arrangements and clever edits (a la Scott Herren) is simply over - welcome to the era of the laid back operators forever dissecting and f*cking with the templates in front of them and, in the process, f*cking with your minds too. Awesome stuff - ESSENTIAL PURCHASE. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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