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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wax Poetics Anthology Volume 1

WAX POETICS ANTHOLOGY - Wax Poetics Anthology Volume 1 (Wax Poetics) Comentários: "In just five years, Wax Poetics has become the premier magazine for avid record collectors and general music connoisseurs alike by illuminating the golden era of music while recontextualizing today’s music world. Much like the records they cover, Wax Poetics issues have themselves become quite collectible.In response to the high demand for the publication’s elusive back issues, the Wax Poetics Anthology Volume 1 serves as the answer to every collector’s dream. Wax Poetics has compiled their favorite articles from Issues 1 through 5 and are giving them new life via this full- color, hardbound edition. By enhancing past editions by means of new illustrations, photographs, and an appendix of discographies, both dedicated followers and music fans formerly unaware of the magazine’s presence will be able to appreciate this comprehensive collection of insightful articles. From jazz and hip-hop heavyweights to soul and funk session musicians, the Wax Poetics Anthology delivers an eclectic blend of quality journalism and musical history."

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Anonymous Jorge Vieira said...

Para quem não têm os primeiros issues, essa antologia não pode faltar na colecção.

Já tinha visto o anúncio no ultimo nº da revista! Mas ainda não vi nas bancas. Mas deve estar a chegar! :)

Wednesday, 10 October, 2007  

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