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Sunday, October 07, 2007

OHM SQUARE - Love Classics

OHM SQUARE - Love Classics (Mole Listening Pearls Germany) Comentários: Love Classics blends electronic sounds with live instruments in a natural way to produce a bunch of songs which tell stories of Looking for love, lost love and how love can actually be a pain that ones head just doesn't need but the heart cannot avoid. There are tales of self salvation, picking up 'whoever's up for it' at a party and being ready to kill for that 4 lettered word. To describe the 'style' of the music on Love Classics is quite difficult. There is an obvious flavour that links the album together but each song has a character quite different from the next which makes for an interesting listen. An eclectic amalgamation of Pop, Dance, Down-tempo, Disco-folk-Rock with a distinct 'Woman Power' flavour which Ohm Square thinks is a good thing since the band consists of 3 males and 1 female. Perhaps it's an appreciation of women from men who are old enough to know and feel the importance of women in a changing world. So crank your headphones up, sit back and ENJOY... nota do editor [Para Ouvir]

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