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Thursday, October 04, 2007


COBBLESTONE JAZZ - 23 Seconds (K7) Comentários: Album title track "23 Seconds" sees the band doing 'what they do best'. The skippy and swinging 101 is joined by the rhodes and vocoder to give it a really light and lazy feel, later permeated by a bubbling and loopy melody. In "Peace Offering" you find a classic house feel accentuated by a rolling synth line, deep pads and shimmering percussion, creating a wonderful laidback but bumping groove. Finally, closing track of CD1, "W" is currently riding roughshod across the worlds finest dancefloors thanks to its appearance on the latest Cocoon compilation. It's perhaps the most uncharacteristic of the tunes on the album, drawing its influences from early trance. CD2 features a live set recorded in Madrid (in Mondo, May 10th 2007) earlier this year and two Cobblestone classics (which have only been out on vinyl before). "Dump Truck" was the standout hit of last year and the first release on their own Wagon Repair label. Simple percussion loops & non-sequenced synth provide a base, while a delayed Rhodes solo delivers a funk-fused groove. Finally the stunning "India In Me" pulls us back to earth, submerging us deep in the ocean as electronic whales sing to each other in an undulating groove that is unmistakably Cobblestone Jazz. nota do editor [Para Ouvir]



Blogger Peter James said...

This is truly great. Lovin' the EPs on Wagon Repair.

Tuesday, 16 October, 2007  
Blogger electriklife said...

yeah they're really great, you can find this edition also on the w.r. catalogue now in vinyl, peace.

Friday, 19 October, 2007  

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