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Saturday, October 06, 2007

FINK - Distance & Time

FINK - Distance & Time (Ninja Tune) Comentários: I laid into the last Fink album 'Biscuits for Breakfast' when I reviewed it because I found it so utterly inoffensive. It was so inoffensive actually that it didn't make an impression on me whatsoever, making me struggle to write anything about it - thankfully however this second effort from the Ninja Tune signee is a marked improvement, and sees the guitarist taking a chunk of shining influence from Swedish feller Jose Gonzalez. No doubt interested in the fact that the man must have made a fortune in Sony gold from his cover of the Knife's 'Heartbeats', Fink proceeds to strum and sing mournfully across nine tracks, each of them looking for a permanent spot on your Ikea coffee table. It's mighty pleasant stuff too, occasionally sounding like the more whimsical moments of Massive Attack and occasionally sounding as folky as Fairport Convention, but then all becomes clear when you realise that Lamb producer Andy Barlow was behind the engineering. That would explain the slightly trip-hop leaning then, but thankfully these don't detract from the enjoyment of a very lovely little album indeed... in boomkat [Para Ouvir]

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Blogger Shumway said...

Muito bom.

Monday, 08 October, 2007  

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